29 Apr 2024

The Advantages and Considerations of Gas Heaters in Singapore

Different brands of gas heater such as ferroli, paloma, macro


The Advantages And Considerations Of Gas Heaters In Singapore


Despite Singapore’s warm climate, gas heaters remain a popular choice among residents. Their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the attractive promotions from companies like City Energy, advocating the use of Town gas, contribute to their enduring popularity. With unbeatable deals on gas appliances such as heaters, laundry dryers, and cooking hobs, these promotions incentivise households to opt for gas-powered solutions, making them a preferred choice for many.

Currently, there are over 50,000 installations of just the Ferroli brand alone. Together with Paloma and Rinnai, the total number of units in service could well exceed 100,000.

Upon reaching the end of life of a gas heater, the most feasible replacement is often another gas heater, although some may choose to convert to electric storage heaters.

This article explores the operational advantages and safety considerations associated with the use of gas heaters in residential settings.

Advantages of Gas Heaters

Different brands of gas heater such as ferroli, paloma, macro

Gas heaters, including models like the Ferroli gas heater, Macro Gas Heater, and Paloma gas heater, are acclaimed for their efficiency and speed. They provide instant hot water, which is especially beneficial for large families or residences with high hot water demands.


The Macro MA-10FE, for instance, stands out for its rapid heating capability, ensuring immediate hot water availability for HDB flats.  

Efficiency and Speed:

Gas heaters are acclaimed for their rapid heating capability. Unlike electric heaters, which gradually heat a stored volume of water, gas heaters provide hot water on demand. This feature is especially beneficial for families or residences with high hot water demands.



Using gas heaters such as the Macro MA-20WODP (Condo Model) can translate into significant savings over time, particularly for households with substantial hot water usage. City Gas promotions often make these appliances even more attractive by reducing the initial cost and providing continuous savings on energy bills in Singapore. Generally, gas is a less expensive energy source compared to electricity in Singapore. The lower operational costs of gas heaters can translate into significant savings over time, particularly for households with substantial hot water usage.

For instance, the cost of using a Macro MA-20WODP (Condo Model) gas heater to heat 100 litres of water from 28°C to 60°C, with town gas priced at SGD 0.23 per kWh, can be calculated as follows:

Cost=Energy Needed×Cost per kWh
EfficiencyCost=EfficiencyEnergy Needed×Cost per kWh

The energy required can be determined using the specific heat formula: Q=m×c×ΔTQ=m×c×ΔT Where:

  • QQ is the heat energy in kilojoules.
  • mm is the mass of the water in kilograms (100 kg for 100 litres).
  • cc is the specific heat capacity of water (approximately 4.186 kJ/kg°C).
  • ΔTΔT is the temperature change (32°C).

Assuming an efficiency of 80%, the cost to heat this volume of water using town gas, including GST at SGD 0.2552 per kWh, would be approximately SGD 1.19.

Statutory Requirements

Singapore’s legislative framework, shaped by incidents like the Ginza Plaza gas explosion and the Ballota Park carbon monoxide poisoning, underscores the critical importance of stringent safety measures. The Gas Act, enacted in 2001, along with the Gas (Supply) Regulations, mandates rigorous standards for gas safety to prevent such accidents.

Explosion ginzaplaza

Many fatal cases due to unsafe heater installation

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One key regulation is the Gas Supply Regulations 21, which requires:

  • Testing of gas appliances post-installation, maintenance, or repair to ensure they are safe, gas-tight, and compliant.

  • Issuance of a written statement certifying the appliance’s safety before it can be used.

  • Legal consequences for non-compliance, with fines up to SGD 5,000.

Environmental Impact

Rinnai Gas Heater Installation


Compared to electric heaters, gas heaters like the Rinnai REU-2024W-RS (Condo Model) typically have a lower carbon footprint, provided the gas is sourced responsibly. This makes them a preferable choice for environmentally conscious consumers, highlighting their cleaner combustion capabilities.

Safety Considerations and Maintenance


Regular inspections are critical to ensure the safety and efficiency of gas heaters. Models such as the Rinnai REU-2008W-RS (Condo Model) require routine checks to prevent problems like gas leaks or incomplete combustion, which could lead to carbon monoxide release. Proper installation, adhering to statutory requirements with a PUB Licensed Plumber, is also vital.

Rinnai REU-2008W-RS Gas Heater Installation

Installation Requirements: Proper installation by trained professionals, supervised by an EMA Licensed Gas Service Worker and the issuance of a certificate before handing over to the user, is crucial to avoid risks associated with improper ventilation and gas connections leaking gas. It is also important that gas heaters are installed in well-ventilated areas to prevent the accumulation of gas fumes.

On the City Energy website, it is clearly stated that the user will need to engage a Licensed Gas Service Worker (LGSW) to carry out the installation work after purchasing a gas heater from their store.

For certain models, the installation price is SGD454. However, there is a disclaimer stating that the user must ensure all installation work complies with local authority requirements.

citylife notice

The reason for this may be that some technicians might skip safety procedures such as replacing leaking gas fittings like the gas pipe union and the failing gas valve. These are the most common parts that cause gas leaking.
Additionally, the U-gauge test and signing off by an EMA Licensed Gas Service Worker, certifying that the gas heater is safe for use, could be omitted.

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For those considering a transition from gas heaters to more sustainable or different technologies, the gas heater to electric storage heater conversion process involves careful planning and compliance with local regulations. Such conversions must be handled jointly by a PUB Licensed Plumber and EMA Licensed Gas Service Worker to ensure efficiency and safety.


Gas heaters in Singapore offer a reliable and cost-efficient solution for water heating. While requiring careful installation and regular maintenance, their benefits of quick heating, lower operational costs, and environmental friendliness make them a favourable option for many households. Always ensure compliance with the Gas Supply Act and insist on a test certificate after any service to guarantee safety and functionality.


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