Ariston storage water heater

Ariston Storage Water Heater:

The NO. 1 European brand in Singapore

Designed in Italy since 1930, each Ariston Storage Water Heater embodies elegance and functionality, seamlessly integrating into any bathroom aesthetic. Whether it’s an HDB BTO, condominium, landed property, or commercial establishment, Ariston water heaters are tailored to complement every setting with effortless sophistication.

Since 1st April 2018, the installation or replacement of an electric storage heater must be carried out or supervised by a PUB Licensed Plumber.

Ariston Made In Italy
ariston founder Aristide Merloni

Long History of Engineering Excellence

Ariston was founded as Industrie Merloni in Marche, Italy, in 1930. Now, it is a publicly listed company with more than 90 years of history and 7,000 employees worldwide.

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Has Direct Distribution in Singapore

1. Enhanced Customer Support

2. Improved Warranty Service

3. Great Control Over Customer Experience

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No. 1 Choice for HDB BTO

Six out of ten BTO owners choose Ariston for its fitment capability, allowing it to fit into new BTO flats with very limited space. Additionally, Ariston offers a wide range of choices, especially those with WiFi.

Our best selling water heaters in 2024

best selling water heaters

Available in:





/ Andris Slim RS

The elegant and smart use of space. Ariston firstly launched in Singapore a storage water heater customised to fit the bathrooms in new condominiums and HDB flat. An exclusive Italian design to glam up any bathrooms: no longer a need to hide unsightly storage water heater.



/ Andris2 RS

High performance and easy to use. Andris 2 RS is the epitome of luxury and functionality with its sleek and minimalistic design. It breathes new life into the conventional water heater with AG+ Silver Ions antibacteria properties and scalding preventions features.

Available in:



Available in:







Multi position with the same high comfort, PRO RS J allows the trusted Ariston quality to replace any existing models. It’s specifically designed for replacement of existing products to meet every house needs.




The Brand New Hot Water Experience Unique technologies, new materials and high tech design for a completely new hot water experience.

Available in:



Available in:






Smart control technology. The new Andris2 Lux-D WI-FI comes with voice control, pairable with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Features such as turning on/off water heater, adjusting water temperature and receiving information about current temperature can now be easily controlled by voice commands

Do you know? Unlicensed installation will void Ariston Warranty.

Are you using any of the models & need replacement?

TI-Shape 30R 1.5 SIN FE+Enamel Made In Italy 650kPa 1500W

PLUS 30 R 1.5 SIN FE+Enamel 650kPa 1500W

Pro 30 OR 1.5 SIN FE+Enamel 650kPa 1500W​

P 30 SIN Made In Italy FE+Enamel 650kPa 1500W

PLUS 15 OR 1.5 SIN FE+Enamel 650kPa 1500W

AN 30 R 1.5 SIN FE+Enamel 650kPa 1500W

Ariston Products

We have many models for Ariston water heaters, please browse through below.


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From 1 April 2018, only a PUB Licensed Plumber can carry out a storage heater replacement.

No need.

Replacing with an exact same model does not ensure better fitment nor does it result in lower replacement cost.

Many of the existing heater installations DO NOT comply with PUB code especially the older ones.

Our Licensed Plumber will require to redo a whole new pipe layout, add safety devices and fittings to comply with the Code of Practice for Water Services SS636-2018 (formerly CP 48).


For shower and basin use, choosing a 23 – 30 litres tank will be more than enough for a single bathroom.

There will be a need for an additional cut-out to the false ceiling usually about 900x1000mm and reinstate after having completed the replacement.

The ceiling shall look the same like before.

If the heater is under 5 years old, it may be feasible to replace the parts however no one is sure until an onsite assessment is made. Sometimes the thermostat may also require changing which may add up to half the cost of a new heater.

If the heater is older, the tank may have corroded badly that the heating element cannot be removed.

Not necessarily.

Firstly, the brands that have models constructed of stainless steel does not provide a longer warranty

Having a stainless-steel inner tank:

  • does not stop the heating element from failing
  • does not stop the water leaking from the heating element screw thread causing short circuit