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How to Avoid Deadly Accidents?

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Instant Heater Conversion to Storage Heater

Start From SGD699

1. Supply of Heater All Parts and Fittings

2. Professional Installation Including Pipe Laying

3. Declaration to PUB That Installation is Safe for Use

4. PUB Authorisation Letter

5. Full Warranty



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Instant Heater Conversion to Storage Heater - Work Scope

1. Supply Storage Heater

Any brand of storage water heater.

Any Brand Of Storage Water Heater 3 1

2. Workmanship

5 years Experiences Technician and hit the 3,000 storage water heater installation milestone


3. Fittings


4. PUB Submission – Certification of Satisfactory Completion

PUB Certified

Deathly Risk of Instant Heater Electrocution ​​

In general, storage water heaters are safer and have a lower risk of electrocution compared to instant heaters. This is because all of the pipework in a storage heater is joined together with the mixer and connected to the incoming water, which is grounded. In contrast, instant heaters only have one contact point, increasing the risk of accidents.

We often hear news reports of families experiencing electrocution incidents involving instant water heaters, while we rarely hear of similar incidents involving storage water heaters.