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31 Jan 2024

Paloma PH-16SX at The Sea View Replacement With Rinnai REU-2024W-RS Gas Heater on 27 Jan 2024

Gas Testing Certificate

Gas heater installation involves the connection of the heater to a gas line and venting system, ensuring that it is safe and compliant with Workplace Safety and Health Act

  • Project location

    The Seaview Condo

  • Property type


Paloma PH-16SX at The Sea View


Replacement of Paloma PH-16SX Gas Heater to resolve heater problems end of service life.


Rinnai REU-2024W-RS Gas Heater at is used for replacement. All pipe works and fittings connecting to the heaters are replaced with stainless steel which comply with PUB regulationas.

The final result

Paloma PH-16SX at The Sea View Replacement With Rinnai REU-2024W-RS Gas Heater on 27 Jan 2024


Paloma PH-16SX Gas Heater

Paloma is a well-known brand of gas heaters that has been providing reliable and efficient heating solutions for many years. However, Paloma left the Singapore market about six years ago and no longer operates in the country.

  • The company was previously based in Singapore, where it manufactured and distributed its range of gas heaters to customers throughout the region. However, Paloma made the decision to exit the Singapore market in order to focus on other regions and products.
  • Today, Paloma is headquartered in Japan and operates in a number of different markets around the world. The company has a strong reputation for quality and reliability, and its gas heaters are used in homes, businesses, and other settings across the globe.
  • While Paloma is no longer based in Singapore, customers in the country can still find a range of high-quality gas heaters from other manufacturers. These heaters are designed to provide efficient and cost-effective heating solutions, and are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different needs and preferences.

Rinnai REU-2024W-RS Gas Heater

  • Rinnai Corporation, headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, specializes in manufacturing gas appliances.
    Their product range includes tankless water heaters, home heating appliances, kitchen appliances, and commercial equipment.
    Founded in 1920, Rinnai & Co. first manufactured and sold pressurized oil stoves.
    By the late 1920s it had already established itself as a trustworthy manufacturer of gas tabletop stoves, gas ovens, gas heaters, and gas hot-water units.
    The Rinnai REU-2024W-RS Gas Heater is a type of tankless water heater manufactured by Rinnai, a well-known Japanese company specializing in heating and water heating systems.


Licensed Gas Heater Replacement

Gas & Plumbing Work

1. New Gas Heater Supply and Installation.
2. Gas Valve & Stop Valve Replacement
3. Pipe Works Partial Redo to comply with PUB
4. PUB Regulated Fittings Supply
5. New Control Panel Replacement
Electrical Work

6. Electric wire connects to isolator
7. Protective equipotential bonding


Gas Supply Compliance

8. Testing and commissioning.
9. Issuance of test certificate by Licensed Gas Service Worker in accordance with Gas Supply Regulation.
This is required by law for your safety.
After Sales Service

10. Homeone Engineering Warranty for 1 Year
11. Tank Covered by Manufacturer Warranty for 1 Years

Gas Heater Installation (Paloma PH-16SX at The Sea View)

  1. Gas Heater Supply
  2. Gas Heater Installation Workmanship
  3. Pipe and Fittings Comply with PUB Regulation
  4. Clean up before leaving
  5. Gas Testing Certificate
  6. One Year Homeone Engineering Warranty

Gas Heater not Working

If your gas heater is not working, there could be a number of possible causes.
One common issue is a lack of gas flow.
This can occur if the gas valve is turned off or if there is a problem with the gas supply.
A faulty thermocouple or ignition system may hinder the heater’s proper ignition.
Check gas supply and line for issues if your heater malfunctions.
Consider seeking professional help if basic checks fail to resolve the issue.
Regular maintenance and cleaning can help prevent gas heater issues and ensure safe, efficient operation.


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