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7 Feb 2024

HDB Unlicensed Work Conversion Ariston AN2 30 RS at 14 Lorong 7 Toa Payoh HDB on 7 Feb 2024

A homeowner made the decision to have an Ariston AN2 30RS water heater installed by an unlicensed worker, which led to a series of critical oversights. The installation omitted essential components such as double-check valve, drain pipe, proper equipotential bonding, and using non-apporaval cable This incident underscores the necessity of engaging licensed professionals for such installations, guaranteeing compliance with safety standards and mitigating potential risks to both property and occupants.

  • Project location

    14 Lorong 7 Toa Payoh HDB

  • Property type


HDB Unlicensed Work Conversion


Our Licensed Plumbers check the existing Ariston AN2 30 RS water heater and assess the old installation and all components.


Existing Ariston AN2 30 RS Water Heater is reinstalled. All pipe works connecting to the heaters are replaced with stainless steel. A new approved stop and double check valves are employed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification. Such will comply with PUB Regulations Our Licensed Plumber has supervised and approved the installation. There is a 1-year warranty by Homeone for this installation on top of the warranty provided by manufacturer.

The final result

HDB Unlicensed Work Conversion

Ariston AN2 30 RS

Ariston, the number one water heater brand from Italy, Ariston offers a variety of electric and gas water heater products that are safe and comfortable to use.
The Ariston ANDRIS2 RS30L is a type of electric water heater designed for residential or small commercial use. Here’s some information about its type, efficiency, and safety:

  1. Type: The Ariston AN2 30RS is a storage water heater, meaning it heats and stores water in a tank until it’s needed. It’s designed to be wall-mounted and typically installed in utility rooms, garages, or other appropriate spaces.
    It comes with a tank capacity of 30 liters.
  2. Efficiency: Efficiency in water heaters is often measured by their energy efficiency rating.
    While specific ratings may vary based on regional standards and models, the Ariston ANDRIS2 RS30L is designed to be energy-efficient.
    It likely features insulation to minimize heat loss from the tank, and it may incorporate technologies such as efficient heating elements or thermostatic controls to optimize energy usage.
  3. Safety: Water heaters, including the Ariston ANDRIS2 RS30L, are designed with several safety features to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation. These may include:
    • Thermostat: Controls the temperature of the water to prevent overheating.
    • Pressure relief valve: Releases excess pressure from the tank to prevent explosions.
    • Thermal cut-off: Shuts off the heating element if the water temperature exceeds a safe limit.
    • Insulation: Helps prevent burns by keeping the exterior of the unit cool.
    • Anti-frost protection: Ensures the unit continues to operate safely in colder environments.


This heater unit has met the following requirements for a water heater:

Work Scope:

1. Supply of tank, pipe and fittings
2. Removal of old water heater
3. Pipe works partial redo to comply PUB
4. New tank installation
5. Testing and commission. Submission to PUB
6. Clean up before leaving
7. PUB approval letter

Regulatory Compliance:

The electric water heater as a whole unit (i.e. parts incorporated in the water heater itself such as heating element, pressure relief valve/temperature relief valve, water tank, etc. shall be tested in accordance with the following:

  1. AS/NZS 4020:2018 Appendix K – Sample extraction procedure for use with water heating system.
    An accredited or non-accredited test report for Appendix K is acceptable provided that the test laboratory is accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) to AS/NZS 4020:2018 Appendix H on Extraction of Metals, at the point of testing;
  2. The samples extracted in accordance with Appendix K shall then be tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4020:2018 Appendix H – Extraction of metals (for metallic materials in contact with water).
    The maximum allowable concentrations of metals listed in Table 2 of AS/NZS 4020:2018 shall not exceed the limits specified by the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality.


Reason for the Replacement: End of service life

Our  licensed water service plumber has ensured that work is done in accordance with the conditions stated below:

  1. All water service installations must be in accordance with the Public Utilities (Water Supply) Regulations, Singapore Standards 636 for Water Services and all other relevant statutory requirements.
  2. The proposed works shall not adversely affect the existing water supply reticulation system.
  3. Proposed water storage heater is installed in accordance with the specifications and requirements of the manufacturer.
    The installation of double check valves is safe and effective to prevent backflow and the back siphonage of water from the storage water heater through the heater inlet pipe and will be safe for use.


In conclusion, the Ariston PRO RSJ35  Water Heater is a high-quality and reliable product that meets all necessary regulatory requirements.

The installation was carried out in compliance with PUB regulations, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the new water heater.

We are pleased to inform that we have received the PUB Approval Letter for the installation.

This letter means that PUB has a record of this heater replacement job it is authorized.



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