Ferroli GS 20 IE BIP TG(I) City Gas Heater


EMA Licensed Gas Service Worer (LGSW) Replacement

Ferroli GS 20 IE BIP TG (I) City Gas Heater

  • Gas fired instantaneous water heater
  • 20L per min
  • Hot water to 3 points of usage
  • Wide range of temperatures setting up to: 60°C
  • 220 – 240V / 50Hz rated voltage
  • Average above 3 years lifespan


Purchase the product from City Energy, Homeone provides EMA Licensed installation

Including Package

Professional Fees

Testing of Gas Appliances by EMA LGSW

Testing of Gas Appliances by EMA LGSW

Fittings and Parts to Comply with PUB


Additional Charges

Safety Charge

Without Safety Baricade


The gas heater does not being blocked

The Gas Heater Blocked by Air Condition and Have to Relocation

Special Piping Material

Communication Cable

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Ferroli GS 20 IE BIP TG (I) City Gas Heater (Indoor Flue Model) #1 Safety EMA Licened Installer in Singapore

Ferroli Gas Heater

Licensed Gas Heater Replacement

Job Scope

Gas & Plumbing Work
1. New Gas Heater Supply and Installation.
2. Gas Valve & Stop Valve Replacement
3. Pipe Works Partial Redo to comply with PUB
4. PUB Regulated Fittings Supply (PUB S&R Standard)
5. New Control Panel Replacement
in accordance with Public Utilities (Regulated Works and WSI Design Works) Regulations 2018, PUB & EMA (Gas Supply Regulations)

Electrical Work
6. Electric wire connects to isolator
7. Protective equipotential bonding

Gas Supply Compliance
8. Testing and commissioning.
9. Issuance of test certificate by Licensed Gas Service Worker in accordance with Gas Supply Regulation. This is required by law for your safety.

After Sales Service
10. Ferroli GS 20 IE BIP TG (I) City Gas Heater Engineering Warranty Covered by Homeone for 1 Year
11. Ferroli GS 20 IE BIP TG (I) City Gas Heater Parts Warranty Covered by Manufacturer for 1 Year

Safety and Statutory Compliance:

1. Regulated water service and sanitary works can only be carried out by PUB Licensed Plumbers

2. Each installation will come with a Certificate (Certificate of Satisfactory Completion) submission to PUB (Duties of licensed plumbers). Without it, the installation is Unauthorised.

3. All works comply with safety requirements by BCA and MOM

4. Water storage heater installation is a regulated works and is subject to PUB Demerit Points System for Licensed Plumber

5. EMA (Gas Supply Regulation)


Government Compliance

Every job is issued with a Certificate of Conformity by an EMA Licensed Gas Service Worker in accordance with clause 21 of Gas (Supply) Regulation

Quality Work Guaranteed

1 year on site warranty

Same Day Installation

We are able to dispatch in 4 hours.




Terms And Conditions

A. Electrical supply

  1. All electrical installation leading to the storage water heater is to comply with Electricity (Electrical Installations) Regulations
  2. Junction box or isolator rated 20A is be present within 2 meter from the storage heater mounting position.
  3. If (1) is absent, additional cost applies to provide
  4. The circuit cannot be shared with any other electrical appliances like washing machine, hair dryer or refrigerator etc.
  5. Broken junction box has to be replaced, additional cost applies
  6. The scope of electrical installation is from the junction box/isolator to the heater. Any electrical fault up stream shall require a LEW to trouble shoot and rectify. Additional cost applies.

B. Plumbing

  1. The scope of pipe work for a storage heater are the connections to the cold water inlet, hot water outlet, drain pipe, a stop valve at the inlet, a double check valve, an anti-vacuum valve (where applicable).
  2. Main incoming stop valve can be faulty and need to replace. Additional cost applies
  3. New storage heater often leads to increased water pressure, hot water pipe with weak joints at other part of the premises may give way. Additional cost applies to rectify.
  4. Failure of other appliances due to shutting off water main. This may happen even though it is rare. Homeone is to be indemnified from this liability.
  5. This storage heater is designed to accept incoming water pressure not greater than 35 meter head (50 psi). A pressure reducing valve installation at the inlet is required at a cost.

C. Heater above false ceiling

  1. Ceiling cutting and reinstatement quoted is including of 2 coats of white paint using Nippon Paint Matex or equivalent to the cut area only and NOT the entire ceiling. It will usually match the existing ceiling colour, for other colour and requirements, owner will have to provide the paint and additional costs apply for special instructions.
  2. The reinstatement does not other part of the ceiling that is damaged and not cut for the heater removal/installation. Cost applies to additional scopes.
  3. Access opening must be provided to enable servicing of the heater. If absent, cost applies to install one.
  4. Warranty will not be provided if owner doesn’t allow installation of an access panel to reach the heater for servicing.



Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Definition(s)
    1. Party A: known as Homeone Water Heater Pte Ltd (also referred to as “Homeone”).
    2. Party B: Owners and/or purchasers of water heaters with installation in n Singapore by Homeone.
    3. Warranty: Assurance that the installation of the storage water heater is, among other things,

(1) carried out in accordance with the PUBLIC UTILITIES


(i) a licensed plumber; or

(ii) an individual acting under the direct supervision of a licensed plumber; and

(2) The Licensed Plumber will submit a certificate of satisfactory completion to PUB

(3) The certificate of satisfactory completion must —

(a) be submitted in such form and manner as the Board may require.

(b) be accompanied by any plan or other document as the Board may require, to satisfy the Board that the WSI works are completed in accordance with the requirements imposed by or under the Act; and

(c) in the case of completed WSI works, contain a certification by the licensed plumber that the water service installation to which those works relate is watertight and is suitable for conveying piped water suitable for drinking.

(4) free from defective material and workmanship

(5) meets legal, statutory and/or other specifications. A warranty describes the conditions under, and period during, which the vendor will repair, replace, or otherwise compensate for, the defective item without cost to the buyer or user. It also delineates the rights and obligations of both parties in the event of a claim or dispute.

  1. Terms of the Homeone Warranty and Exclusions to it
    1. Warranty coverage commences from date of completion of installation for 12 months.
    2. Original invoice must be produced for verification prior to warranty servicing by Homeone.
    3. The decision of whether to repair or replace a faulty component is at Party A’s sole discretion.
    4. If Party B requires a call out and Party A inspection reveals that the fault is not covered by Party A’s warranty, Party B shall be responsible for paying Party A’s standard call out charges of S$50. If Party B wishes to have the relevant component repaired or replaced by Party A, that service will be at Party B’s
    5. Where a failed component or fitting is replaced under the Party A’s warranty, the balance of the original warranty period will remain effective. The replacement will not carry a new or additional warranty by Party A.
    6. This warranty only applies to original and genuine water heaters (and replacement parts) manufactured and/or sold by Party A, and which are in their original installed location.
    7. Party A’s warranty does not cover faults that are a result of:
      1. Accidental damage to the water heater or any component (including, but not limited to, (i) Acts of God such as floods, storms, fires, lightning strikes and the like; and (ii) third party acts or omissions).
      2. Misuse or abnormal use of the water heater.
      3. Use which is not in accordance with the Owner’s Guide and with relevant statutory and local requirements in the State or Territory in which the water heater is installed.
      4. Repairs, attempts to repair or modifications to pipe work the water heater by a person other than Party A
      5. Faulty power supply before the isolator or junction box
    8. Subject to any statutory provisions to the contrary, this warranty excludes all claims for damage to furniture, carpet, walls, foundations, or any other consequential loss either directly or indirectly due to leakage from the water heater, or due to leakage from fittings and/ or pipe work of metal, plastic or other materials caused by water temperature, workmanship or other modes of failure.
  1. Entitlement to Make a Claim under this Warranty
    1. To be entitled to make a claim under this warranty, Party B needs to:
      1. Be the owner of the water heater or have written consent of the owner to act on their behalf.
      2. Contact Party A without undue delay after detection of the defect and, in any event, within the applicable warranty period.
  1. How to Make a Claim under this Warranty
    1. If Party B wishes to make a claim under this warranty, Party B needs to:
      1. Contact Party A and provide invoice’s details
      2. Party A will arrange for the water heater instalaltion to be tested and assessed on-site.
      3. If Party A determines that Party B has a valid warranty claim, Party A will repair or replace the water heater in accordance with this warranty.
  1. Any expenses incurred in the making of a claim under this warranty will be borne by Party B.



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