Safety Inspection Package

with Certificate by EMA LEW & PUB Licensed Plumber

Price $250 Special Promotion $125
Valid till 31/3/2024​

Electrical Safety Inspection. Mr Chan Yan Heng @ Chew Yan Heng

Scope of Inspection:
1. RCCB Functionality Check.
2. Water Heater Power Supply Check

Electrical Safety Inspection RCCB
  • The Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) commonly known as the circuit breaker is an electrical safety device that cuts off the electricity supply immediately upon detecting leakages that may result in an electric shock.
  • Current leakages can be caused by factors such as ageing or exposed wires, faulty electrical appliances and damaged insulation.
  • The RCCB is usually located in the distribution board (DB box) or circuit breaker box in your home. 
Unlicensed Handyman Water Heater Installation

Heater Power Supply Inspection

  • Electric supply no sharing with other appliances
  • Wire Size (Heater is high current appliances and requests 2.5mm2 wire)
  • Heater Switch Condition
  • Junction Box (Minimum 20A loading current)
  • Protective Equipotential Bonding 

Price List

1. Faulty RCCB Replacement $350
(with Submission to HDB)
2. New Connection Unit $70
3. Replace Heater Switch $50
4. Installation of Equipotential Bonding $50
5. Replacement of wire to approved type $150