The Advantages and Considerations of Gas Heaters in Singapore

Different brands of gas heater such as ferroli, paloma, macro

GAS HEATER The Advantages And Considerations Of Gas Heaters In Singapore Introduction Despite Singapore’s warm climate, gas heaters remain a popular choice among residents. Their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the attractive promotions from companies like City Energy, advocating the use of Town gas, contribute to their enduring popularity. With unbeatable deals on gas appliances such as […]

CNA Water Heater 2023

CNA Water -- CNA Talking point - Can My Water Heater Kill Me?

CNA Water Heater Deadly Hazard 2023 Homeone, a company specializing in water heater installations, was recently represented on CNA Talking Point to discuss the importance of proper water heater installation. During the CNA Water Heater discussion, it was emphasized that instant water heaters can pose a serious safety hazard if not installed correctly by EMA […]

SGD2,500 for HDB Storage Heater replacement


In February 2021, a Facebook post about a SGD2,500 for HDB Storage Heater replacement job went viral. Below is the extract from TOC:A single mother who was overcharged by a plumbing services company—namely Kwoi Heng Plumbing Services—to change her faulty water heater has finally been offered a refund of S$2,700 by the company after her […]

How to obtain PUB Storage Heater Installation Certificate

PUB Storage Heater Installation Certificate

PUB Storage Heater Installation Certificate Storage Heater Installation Step 1: Preparation of documents: Customer name, address and email SPgroup Account number Layout plan of the unit Schematic diagram Layout Plan of the unit Schematic Plan SP Group Account No.Step 2:Go to Qualified Persons Portal and log in with singpass  to do the submission Qualified Person […]

Is drinking water mixed with water from the Storage Heater Safe to Drink in Singapore?

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Quick Answer: UnsafeYou are drinking the water from the storage heater tank if your heater installation doesn’t have the back flow (Back-Siphonage) control.Who should avoid drinking such contaminated water?In most of the unlicensed installations like Ariston or Joven, it is very common that the handyman (not a Licensed Plumber) skips the implementation of back flow […]

Differences Between Licensed & Unlicensed Storage Heater Replacement in Singapore

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Choosing an unlicensed storage heater replacement contractor comes with legal liabilities for the homeowner. Unlicensed Storage Water Heater Replacement Unlicensed Storage Heater Replacement caused the rupture of storage water heater at Marine Parade condo broke glass doors and windowsThe rupture of a storage water heater in a Cote D’Azur apartment in Marine Parade on Saturday […]

Why Do Unlicensed Plumbers Charge So Much Up?

Unlicensed Plumbers

Unlicensed Plumbers When you pay a plumber after they do the work you hired them for, it contributes to much more than just the plumber’s bank account. It gives him the ability to drive to your house and ensures that your call will be picked up when you call the company, even if it is […]

What is IP Rating for a Water Heater?

ip rating for storage water heater

What is IP Rating for a Water Heater? Why should you care? In every water heater, there is a compartment where the thermostat, heating element and the connecting wires are connect shown in Photo 1. Photo 1 It is protected from water ingress by a cover (photo 2). Photo 2 Electricity and water don’t mix.And […]