BTO Water Heater

BTO Water Heater Package

BTO Water Heater Package

1. Supply of Heater & Parts
2. Installation (According to PUB)
3. PUB Authorisation Letter.
4. Full Warranty

  • A BTO water heater is an essential appliance in any modern home, especially in Singapore where the weather is often hot and humid. Here are some important things to consider when installing a BTO water heater in your new house:
  • Location and size: The first thing to consider when installing a BTO water heater is the location and size of the unit. Depending on the layout of your BTO house, you may need to choose a BTO water heater that is ceiling-mounted. You should also consider the size of the unit, as this will affect the amount of hot water that can be produced and the space it will take up in your home.
  • Safety features: Safety should also be a top priority when installing a BTO water heater in your house. Choose a unit that has safety features like a pressure relief valve, a temperature control system, and a cut-off switch that automatically turns off the unit if the water temperature gets too hot.
  • Warranty and after-sales service: Finally, it is important to choose a BTO water heater from a reputable brand that offers a warranty and after-sales service. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you can get help if anything goes wrong with your unit in the future.
BTO Water Heater Package

PUB Submission

  • Certification of Satisfactory Completion of Submission to PUB to ensure the Storage Water Heater is safe to use.
Certification of Satisfactory Completion

According to PUB ACT 2001, Storage heater installation Work & Fittings have to comply with regulations and return PUB Submission or get a fine of $10,000 or imprisonment for 5 years.

Warranty Void

Warranty Void 1
  • An unlicensed installation warranty will be voided by the manufacturer since it will affect the Storage Water Heater lifespan. 
  • Faulty Pressure Relief Valve: If the pressure relief valve malfunctions or is not operating correctly, it can result in excessive pressure buildup inside the tank. This increased pressure can cause leaks around the fittings or even lead to tank failure.
  • Faulty Plumbing Connections: Improperly installed or faulty plumbing connections, as discussed earlier, can lead to leaks in the water heater. Loose, damaged, or incorrectly sealed connections can allow water to escape.

  • High Water Pressure: If the water pressure in the plumbing system is too high, it can put excessive strain on the water heater, causing leaks to develop over time.

  • Damaged or Deteriorated Tank: Physical damage to the tank, such as dents, cracks, or fractures, can cause water to leak out. Additionally, if the tank’s interior lining deteriorates over time, it can result in leaks.

Job Scope of BTO Water Heater 

1. Storage Water Heater Supply

2. Storage Water Heater Installation

3. Fitting and Parts comply with PUB

4. Piping Work

5. Testing and Commission. Submission to PUB

6. Clean Up Before Leaving

7. PUB Aproval Letter

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BTO Water Heater Package